We’re convinced that the deliberate decision to behave ethically is of fundamental importance in today’s world both at a personal level – to strengthen and maintain the ties to our own history and our values – and at a business level. In this sense, all companies are called upon to devise carefully considered corporate strategies which preserve values and sustainability in the interests of protecting the environment and in the interests of upholding human dignity.

Our decision to adopt a sincere, sustainable, ethical approach to our work ensures that our suppliers and our customers can count on a correct business relationship based on mutual trust – a vital condition for efficient and successful cooperation.

Our determination only to sell environmentally compatible products from clear and unmistakable origins is further proof of our ethical approach.

Quality, PEFC and FSC certifications as well as the application of the most stringent standards in production processes play a crucial role when we select our suppliers. They safeguard protection of the environments and at the same time help to ensure certainty and reliability for our customers.

“The value of a result resides in how it is achieved.”
Albert Einstein