Hypercubus is an innovative, futuristic mini-apartment conceived for two people with a threefold aim:

- to enhance the tourist industry with simple energy-efficient accommodation units which can be serially manufactured according to customer requirements
- to offer a solution that can be easily transported, and
- to open up opportunities for bespoke interior designs.

Completely appointed with wooden walls made of X-lam cross laminated timber panels, these accommodation units are assembled at the factory and shipped to the desired site ready for use with windows, doors and interiors in place.

What makes the Hypercubus so special is its enormous versatility which allows imagination to run wild. It can be transformed into a hotel room or a holiday apartment and can be erected at campsites or holiday villages, both as a standalone unit or in flexible apartment block formats.

A modern, sophisticated design, a study by WG3, the engineering office based in Graz. Young engineers and architects have devised this innovative project which has already gained recognition and received awards for its originality, its successful interplay between modernity and its respect for the environment. The wood used for the walls is sourced exclusively from PEFC certified forests.

Please contact us by e-mail for further information or if you wish to visit a Hypercubus module. We’re always pleased to provide you with the information you require.